Hi, I'm Emma Petersen

I'm a researcher and designer with an emphasis on process.

select work

Mock up of Spectrum Reach branded web application showing a data table.

Ad Sales Application for Spectrum Reach

This application streamlines the workflow of Spectrum sales teams across the country.
Laptop mock up showing a web application cycling between two different screens: a calendar and a virtual meeting.

Remote Learning Platform for Y-Labs

This platform is an all encompassing remote learning app that includes a live classroom, community groups for studying, a library of academic materials, and more.

additional work

Coffee Local. A project produced in 2021 involving UX research and design.
Brain Break. A project produced in 2020 involving UX design and front end development.
Sustainability Scanner. A project produced in 2019 involving ux research and design.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio! ☺