Multiscreen Ad Proposal Application

This application streamlines the workflow of Spectrum sales teams across the country. This is an excerpt of a project that has protected content, for the full case study please send me an email.

Role: research, design, testing
January 2022 - Present
Figma, Miro, Zeplin, Confluence
Two mock ups of browser windows, each displaying a web application branded Spectrum Reach.

Some Ad Sales Context

What is an advertising proposal?
An ad proposal is a plan and schedule for a business’s advertising campaign. A business has an ad and the proposal details: when their ad run, where it will run, what devices it will run on, their budget, and the audience they want to reach.

What users are involved?
Proposals are created by either Account Executives (AEs) or Client Success Planners (CSPs). The AE is the one interfacing with a business, learning about their needs, and they will be the one ultimately presenting the final ad proposal. The CSP supports the AE with research and data to help them sell a proposal that is well backed and has a clear “why”.

The Problem Space

The current process of creating an advertising proposal is disjointed, users jump from app to app (sometimes back and forth between apps) ultimately wasting time and experiencing frustration. Below is a simplified version of the current user journey, the goal of this project is to cut this process down to one or two applications.

A flow chart showing the following steps: 1. AE meets with client 2. three plus apps used for research 3. Cable ad application used 4. Digital ad application used 5. Various third party applications used and finally 5. Finished proposal

Project Overview

This project began in January of 2022 and is on going. In the last year my team and I completed a discovery phase which involved interviewing users and stakeholders, as well as examining data analytics from our current applications. This discovery fed into the ux design process, where I created journey maps, user flows, and use cases. As a team, we ideated features to address pain points we had uncovered, and began creating wireframes then prototypes.

Currently, we are still creating new wireframes and in a cycle of testing and design iteration on completed features. I am fortunate to get to lead our user interview and testing efforts while also working on designs.

I've created a full case study of the entire process to this point (broken down to the right) and I would love to share more! The content of this project is protected but I would be happy to meet with you to share this case study in its entirety, just shoot me an email. Thanks for reading! 

A list of steps taken throughout this project split into three categories: Discovery, Design, and Testing. Under discovery: stakeholder workshop, stakeholder interviews, data analytics review, user interviews, and research synthesis. Under Design: journey mapping, feature ideation, user flows, use cases, wireframes, and prototyping. Under Testing: prototype testing and design iteration.

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